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Curious story, recorded from the words of the contemporaries of Peter I: In 1718, when Peter the Great in Paris, he ordered to do in the same house for a Grenadier bath on the Bank of the river Seine, in the way they are after the heat of bathing. Such an unusual for the Parisians, according to them, the death of action produced crowded concourse of spectators. They looked with surprise, as soldiers, running out of heated steam bath, rushed into the river, swam and dived. The Royal Chamberlain , located in the servants of the Emperor, seeing himself this bathing, Peter the Great reported (not knowing that it is done on the orders of the Emperor), to his soldiers prohibited to swim, because-de all die. Peter, with a laugh, answered, fear Not, Mr. . Soldiers from the Paris air subsided somewhat, so himself a Russian bath. We've had these things, and in the winter: the habit is second nature.

Peter himself I was a great lover and connoisseur of Russian bath. Let's turn to the pages of the remarkable novel A.N. Tolstoy's Peter The First:

Peter Alekseevich was on the shelf near the ceiling, raised his thin knees, was pushing for himself a broom. The orderly - Nart - already two times it hovered and rinsed with cold water, and now he lay... Bath was a Linden forest, easy. Peter Alekseevich did not want to leave. ...Nart opened the brass door in the furnace, sprung to the side, pouring ladle kvass deeply in the red-hot stones. Flew strong gentle spirit, fever hit on the body, the smell of bread, Peter grunted, waving himself on the chest of leaves of a birch broom.

Further Menshikov says to Peter: Paris, for example, sweating, and even kvass, " none of that don't understand and the people so small.

Is remembered and such a scene in the novel: Peter Alexeyevich, she lowers her long legs, and sat on the shelf, lowered his head, with curly dark hair it was pouring sweat.

Well, he said, " very well. So, my dear... Without St. Petersburg Yes without the bath we, as the body without the soul.

Peter the great was not only a great lover of a bath, but the organizers of the first resorts in Russia. Visiting famous European resorts in Baden-Baden (here in the spurs of the black forest baths from the natural pair of mineral springs), carlsbad (current Karlovy-vary), Pyrmont, Spa, Peter ordered to search for water in the lands of his Majesty the Tsar. So worker plant Ivan opened near Olonets, that in Karelia, Marcial waters. the first to have experienced the healing properties of a spring of mineral water. As the water source was glandular, it was called the Martian in honour of Mars - the God of war and iron. With interest we read the Rules of , as in these waters do that.


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Danube Ivanovich and don Ivanovich

If the ancient inhabitants of India bow down to the Ganges, believing in its cleansing properties, the Egyptians treated the Nile as to the divine, then the Russians for centuries worship the Volga river, called her his mother. Remember our wonderful tales. Their heroes-bogatyrs, dying, stretched wide rivers - the Danube Ivanovich, don Ivanovich. Bread and salt honored Sadko the Volga river, and Ilya Muromets oku. And the legend of the dead and the living water? In national epos said, that the dead water could heal wounds. As for the living water called heroic, she not only sealed the wound, but, and resurrected.

And the ancient holiday of Kupala?! Because of this, but essentially, purifying bathing. Water and fire. To prevent illness, hardened. Here is what you can read in the ancient Chronicles of the feast: ...that for the sake of - evening and squinting for the sake of guilt are good at different medical apart from.

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