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Before the attack on Kazan

Unfortunately, many of the good traditions of Russian bath forgotten, lost and need to be patiently, literally, bit by bit, to collect. This will help us book our writers. Once again, we have experienced the charm of the great Russian bath, which was celebrated A.S. Pushkin. A.N. Tolstoy with his characteristic imagery told how Peter I. But there are still a lot of Russian literature bath pages, which will help us to revive good traditions.

A remarkable Soviet writer Vyacheslav Shishkov perfectly knew the Russian way of life, especially the inhabitants of the Urals and Siberia, where long like a hot bath. In the historical narrative of the Pugachev is a curious episode in which a steam room is revealed in all its diversity, and the present fans of a steam learn a lot of interesting things about the bathhouse procedure.

We vividly imagine a vast wooden bath-house, lit by oil hanging lanterns. Lime, white-washed with the bench... On the shelves - three painted birch bark writings with honey Yes with the old-fashioned kvas, that in the nose and great clarify in the brain creates. On an oaken table - , , washcloths, pieces of scented soap. their Kazan since ancient times, famous for. In doubles office, on the benches, boiling water, fragrant mint, , savory and other herbs. In boiler kvass with mint - for steaming birch brooms and to the stove.

...That's Krokhin began bucket for bucket in the oven. Steam room was filled with aromatic steam. The rustle of silk brooms. Steamed . And the merchant all added and added, not sparing kvass. Pairs of white explosions , or dashed up in all directions.

It is nice to and blinking, Pugachev said:

Oh, grace! Well, thank you, Ivan Vasilyevich!.. Never been in a sauna steam. The bout was the Imperial is good but this is better. - God is with us! - cried the merchant answered. And do you want grated with a red vinegar a rubdown?

- Come on, come on.

Rubbed each other, groaned, roared, the skin became , burning. In the blood, muscles shook, and his heart was light-hearted and bright.

Further merchant persuades Pugacheva a drink after a bath:

- It is said: the year do not drink, and after the bath steal, Yes drink.

Pugachev, as it turned out, was not eager to your drunken:

"Aaah good. Only, you can, in fact, it is not I strong.


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Moscow without a bath - not Moscow

V.A. Gilyarovsky, the famous uncle , in the book Moscow and Muscovites, wrote: Moscow without bath - not Moscow!. In the luxury of the sandunovsky baths baths, notes Gilyarovsky, and , and Pushkinskaya Moscow, the one that was in the passenger compartment Zinaida Volkonskaya in the English club. Leading the story of the baths, the writer quotes the words of the old actor Ivan Alekseevich Grigorovsky: And Pushkin saw... he loved hot steam!

Today the famous baths, where with great pleasure I go not only Muscovites, but also guests of the capital, including from foreign countries, more than 167 years! Even before construction of the luxurious baths nearby, in the Kuznetsk a number of (then called the current Kuznetsky most) of the river Neglinnaya, have long been the bath. Logs are renowned for their excellent ferry. Water for washing delivered with the help of crane right out of the river. A rampaging in 1737, the Moscow fire left from these baths, as well as from many other buildings, only the charred pipes. And here in the ashes of the burned baths famous actors Petrovsky theatre spouses , having received the inheritance, was built in 1806 stone bath. With great artistic taste, comfort. Not less popular now, especially among athletes, Central baths were built much later, in 1891.

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