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Though every day bath swamp

Perhaps, one of the most distinctive descriptions of Russian baths we find in the famous novel Item. And. Melnikov-Pechersky In the woods, this glorious, as told As. M. Bitter, Russian poem about the Zavolzhye. The protagonist of the novel Maximovich Chapurin - wide Russian nature, a favorite image of the writer.

Though it was not on the Sabbath, but how come... guests in the bathhouse not bathe? Not in Russian will be... Yes, and the the hunter was sweating, that he at least every day bath swamp.

The reader gets acquainted with a description of the bath, which stood on the shore of the river for safety from fire and that in the summer, , close it was to plunge into cold water.

Love of the Russian people, , in winter the snow lie in the summer of this crisp water swim.

The bath was high, spacious. Linden, shelves, benches and the floor several times . In the foyer on the benches were placed felt, covered with white sheets. The floor is covered with felt, but it is scattered fragrant hay, also covered with sheets. The shops were brooms, were of brass tin-plated pots with lye and whipped soap and the next big with heated with mint kvass for before to go on the shelves.

Almost from midnight roasting bath, cooked , brewing kvass with mint for steaming brooms and to the stove.

Next comes a detailed description of how the emerging go floated Maximovich two pairs of brooms, and he melted delighted Yes

cried: , more!.. Add Park, dear!.. The hot!.. !..

And burly guys, not sparing Maksimovic, with all the violence whipped it hot like fire, brooms. Then Maximovich jumped from the regiment, flew out of the bath in the ran in the snow. The snow stung hot body, and with a loud began Chapurin lying on the snow. Two minutes later he ran back and right on the shelves:

- Dudes hotter, go!.. , , dear!.. - he cried during the whole can.

...Three times lay in the snow . A dozen brooms about it... the Whole pitcher of cold kvass he drank, and drank the heat of the bath. Hardly-the .

And when I lay down in the dressing room of the felt quite touched the soul...


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Danube Ivanovich and don Ivanovich

If the ancient inhabitants of India bow down to the Ganges, believing in its cleansing properties, the Egyptians treated the Nile as to the divine, then the Russians for centuries worship the Volga river, called her his mother. Remember our wonderful tales. Their heroes-bogatyrs, dying, stretched wide rivers - the Danube Ivanovich, don Ivanovich. Bread and salt honored Sadko the Volga river, and Ilya Muromets oku. And the legend of the dead and the living water? In national epos said, that the dead water could heal wounds. As for the living water called heroic, she not only sealed the wound, but, and resurrected.

And the ancient holiday of Kupala?! Because of this, but essentially, purifying bathing. Water and fire. To prevent illness, hardened. Here is what you can read in the ancient Chronicles of the feast: ...that for the sake of - evening and squinting for the sake of guilt are good at different medical apart from.

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Baths and Saunas

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