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Paroc with mint

In the novel of Alexander the Last of the over which the writer worked for almost thirty years, there are interesting line of bath. About how her love in the far East.

Oh, yeah, steam room will be! "with pleasure thought Alyosha.

The author tells, how hard the old man prepares the bath. says: In the bath not actively , in the bath of our brother miner only dirt on the body of the breed.

And further: Already by the warmth bathed them in the dressing room, Alyosha knew that the bath will Ministerial and recent worries of life had left him, freeing up space for the fun of it.

But Alyosha went into the steam room.

Locked heat and cool some .

Do you feel? - placing two fingers to his nose, happily . - Mint!.. With mint Paroc . - Now control will have on our couples - threatening said Alyosha and two monkey movements soared to the top of the shelves. - Well, isn pairs? he said disappointedly. - Pairs should the shelf knock, this steam can be only on hands and knees to overcome... And well, I will take care of, let's ...

He opened a steam vent and one after the other kicked five buckets, leaning down and hiding her ears from the pair, with a whistle from the ventilator.

...They were each other in all possible combinations, taken out in the dressing room, drinking ice kvass, washed and again steamed and poured out at each other a bucket of cold water.


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A lot of remarkable about the traditions of Russian baths can be found in the novel Georgi Markov Siberia.

Akims along with the old man Fedotovich steam in the bath.

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