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Even at the dawn of humanity, people believed that the bath may protect them from diseases, the origin of which they attributed to the impure force. Therefore, the waters of the Ganges, Nile, the Jordan were regarded as Holy. Not accidental that all the religions of the ancient world - Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Islam required the cleansing of the body before prayers and entering into the temple. Not accidentally historians of medicine careful study of the Qur'an. There is no doubt that the founder of Islam, Mohammed had a wide range of medical knowledge, especially in the field of hygiene. The Qur'an, of course, not a treatise on hygiene. But it contains a number of recommendations on how to maintain the purity of the body.

The ancient Egyptian temples have been preserved wavy lines. It is a symbol of washing - the source of life. From the famous papyrus , this, we can say, the first medical encyclopedia, written by nineteen centuries ago and found in one of the tombs, we learn that the ancient Egyptian priests were treating people baths of different temperatures.

Ancient medicine in China rested on two main principles: Ian and John. Jan reflected the idea of vital heat, in - damp and cold. How to take Chinese doctors, a balance between these two principles in the human body is the most important condition of health. Ancient Greek myths tell that even the gods to save the youth and immortality, enjoy the steam bath. Such was the people's faith in the healing power of this procedure.

A lot of interesting reports the ancient Greek writer , who became famous for his many-volume description of the different areas and manners. The information, which he left in his books have become a kind of a compass for excavations in Olympia, Mycenae. writes about Hera, which was bathed in the lake with hot water, to keep a youth and beauty. In another legend Jupiter turned nymph in source water, with the ability to return the youth.

In the Indus valley, where, as in the valleys of the Tigris, the Euphrates and the yellow river, was the most ancient civilization on earth, discovered the ruins of the city . This archaeological monument of more than 5 thousand years. Here there were found the remains of temples, granaries, residential quarters. And... well-equipped swimming pools and swimming pools.

Let's turn to Natalia Romanovna Guseva - ethnographer, has devoted his life to the study of India. Guseva traveled much for this amazing country. For valuable research Guseva was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru.

- Excavations Indian city of , " says Natalia Romanovna, showed that 5 thousand years ago there were the shop, where they sold drinking water. Archaeologists found a pile of broken cups. So much that you can hardly be blamed for the awkwardness of the then . Rather these heaps testified to the existence of sanitary rules: people, emptying his vessels, and break them.

Even for 1800 years before your era - in the sacred Hindu books of the Vedas (the science of life) was about the impact of the water. A healing effect the flow of water, the water cools the heat of fever, healing for all diseases, healing brings you the water. The book of laws of Manu says on water as a source of health. The inscription in ancient Indian temple States: the Body is cleansed with water, and the mind of knowledge. Hindus see the 14 types of water (alkaline, sea, etc.), and each of them had their therapeutic purpose.

To have survived the saying of the ancient Indian sages: Ten advantages gives the washing of: clarity of mind, freshness, vigor, health, strength, beauty, youth, purity, nice skin color and attention of beautiful women.


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