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Bath king

Capacious and extremely reliably described the ritual our baths Boris Poor in the story the Master.

Old Turner semen Grigorievich going to the bath. His wife are sceptical.

And why do you each output in the bath going? "Catherine Zaharovna, - Are, it seems, tub: throw water and cleaned up every day!

Throw herself and cleaned up, - natured advised semen Grigorievich, has long been accustomed to such talks, the - Tightly in your bath, as in a mousetrap, but the present wash space requires that the broom is where Pat, sweat stories. In the bath just for the children to bathe, and adult bath is necessary: there he soul ...

Wife gives husband's clothes, bag, from which mysteriously leans out the tip of the birch besoms. And here semen Grigorievich in the bath. He strictly adheres to the wasted years of the standing orders of the Russian bathhouse. Undressing, he had to wash room dry. Until the broom steamed himself in a band with boiling water, semen Grigorievich was sitting on a bench, sweating and with pleasure, overgrown with white hair of his chest.

Couples was so sharp that all included in a steam room, immediately ducked to the floor, as if bowing to semen Grigorievich, solemnly sat at the very top of the shelves.

A bath king! - shouted the wizard Zykov, old friend of Seeds Grigorievich, moving his band close to the door. The following instructions explain how, dancing, semen Grigorievich cutting himself fire broom on the sides, back, abdomen. If he was their sworn enemy. From the enjoyment of the old working grunt, even moaned slightly. At the end of the pair, along with semen Grigorievich there was only one guy, who did not want to acknowledge himself beaten. And the old Turner studying sports passion, and he became more and more added a couple. Well, and damn the man! "the guy said, catching a sympathetic glance Seeds Grigorievich, and staggered out of steam...

In splendid isolation, the old master for a long time stumbled soul. Until then, when it was already quite the long broom and all body was on fire, as . Semen Grigorievich out of steam all red, disheveled, triumphant. For ten minutes poured from him pairs - so much absorbed it into myself heat.

Then the old worker, found in the corner of the bench , lay down and lay on her half an hour. Free breathing all of her skin, it was as if he has been born anew. Then, semen Grigorievich washed with soap and rubbed washcloth and finally again went into the steam room, to clean then .

And here he goes down the street, waving his basket.

after the bath soul Seeds Grigorievich particularly acute, in a joyful and a little child the light of perceived all that was happening around him. Now he caught up with a company of soldiers in the new hats- and good quarter of an hour went with the soldiers, mechanically walked in the leg, trying not to lag behind the tall officers, Stroy.


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Hey, you figure! - cried the fat, Lord, seeing in the fog tall and skinny man with a beard and with a large copper cross on his chest. - couple!

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