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What a luxury, what is the point, what's the good of each proverb our! As for the gold! - said A. With. Pushkin. Proverbs are always brief, and the mind and feelings invested in the whole of the book, - admired And. M. Bitter. As an outstanding Soviet physicist With. And. Vavilov noted that the observation of the people captured in numerous Proverbs and riddles, built essentially on the observations of the scientific order. Resurrecting the good traditions of Russian baths, let's turn to the repository of the people's wisdom.

Clean water for illnesses of the trouble.

Who dirt does not like, the clean and in the afternoon and in the morning.

Who is neat, and the people are pleasant.

Do not think be spruced up, and think is neat.

Purity is the same beauty.

Boots as a mirror, the tie as a sieve, and a person is not .

Buy Yes wash stigma.

Youth're temper - for the whole century of use.

Though met a overnight boy, Yes soap .

The disease with dirt in friendship.

Dabbling - don't be afraid of the water.

Tempering is required, the purity is always useful.

Steam room - the mother of two: the bones of the , the case is correct.

When would not steam room, all of us would have disappeared.

Steam room all the sins washed away.

Steam room, float, gang .

Bath not Shrovetide, on it there is no ban.

Bath body warm, clean and coddling.

Washed in a bath - a hundred pounds with himself off.

Steam room ease and cheerfulness gives.

Steam room any disease of the body drives.

Cured Vanya, helped him steam room.

Steam room without a pair that soup without broth.

Couples no bones ache.

Moscow without a bath - not Moscow.

Steam room soars, steam room rules, steam room all right.

Who itching side, and the bath is looking for.

Worry - not , - not , with shelves't fall. That day parishsya, that day has not .

This Park, which neb hot.

A bath-a broom and the king older.

Broom in the bath all of the head.


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- It is for me since childhood! "so words of the great artist about his love to the Russian bath.

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