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We get acquainted with the traditions of Russian bath. But the Russian baths have a sister. Finnish sauna. Even in ancient times, steam room was revered as the Finns had a sacred place. Here they brought the sick to the amendment. The Finns there is a legend was born as a sauna. The drops of rain, leaked through a leaky roof, hit on the hot stones of the home. In the house of a whirlwind rushed the hot steam. People felt the gentle fragrant heat. He was, that is, to the court, and the people have decided their own hands to do what he could to make rain.

The Finns are so believe in the healing power of his bath, say, a sauna may enjoy every man, who is capable to her reach. As in the Russian bath, in the sauna water on the hot stones of the fireplace. The Finns call them the soul of the sauna. As in the Russian bath, here love to have a birch broom. When and how to warm up, , it will pay off in cold lake.

If we, unfortunately, to some extent lost the traditions of this wooden Russian bath (it, in fact, pushing the housing bathroom with a bath and shower), Finns managed to carefully preserve and enhance these traditions. In Finland involves intense construction of baths. According to the famous Helsinki architect Aarne , 80 percent of the residents of Finland have their own saunas. And all of them there are 750 thousand. The Finns even export the sauna. Their , , , can be found in many countries of the world. Saunas are comfortable, very nice atmosphere. Not by chance in the Finnish sauna compared with festive table. Here everything should please the eye. Usually saunas are built in the picturesque lakes. Windows of the house are made in such a way that in the evening (and bath procedure the Finns usually takes place in the end of the day) rays of the sun have strengthened the sense of silence and tranquility.

- Sauna, - said the famous Finnish writer Marty , - creates a good mood. Not by chance my countrymen say: if you go to visit, take a sauna, if you accept the guest - first take a sauna. In the sauna tears will dry, and the bad mood burned.

During the Olympic games of 1952 in Helsinki numerous participants and guests were given the opportunity to use the sauna.

This, recalls repeated champion of the Soviet Union Boxing Anatoly , - it was, perhaps, the most pleasant Finnish treat.

By the way, outstanding Finnish athletes, such as Nurmi, Ritola, , j? rvinen, have always been big fans of the sauna.

I can't imagine, said the great Stier Paavo Nurmi, " what if I could reach on a treadmill, if not friends with sauna.

However, the Finns in recent years, seeking to modernize sauna, crashed in the extreme. They transformed it in an extremely hot cell, the temperature of which reach up to 120, and then and 140 degrees at insufficient humidity. The Finns feel that a few overdid, and have questioned the usefulness of such high temperatures. After all, as is known, in good measure. Now the Finns tend to baths with a more moderate climate.

Professor of the University in Helsinki Harald , a lot of years engaged in studying the impact of the sauna on the human body, said that we should build such baths, in which the temperature does not exceed the 90 degrees and the humidity reaches 10-15%. And yet, stressed , it is necessary to ensure in the steam room ventilation.


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