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The brainchild of Dr. , ofuro and Sento

There are other types of baths, in the device which there are many instructive.

I have already mentioned the Turkish and the so-called Roman-Irish baths, the ancient Terme, modernized Dr. R. .

Roman-Irish bath find their numerous followers in the different countries of the world. From Russian baths and her sister - Finnish saunas brainchild of Dr. has a more moderate temperature (about 50-60 degrees), evenly distributed around the room. The water in the furnace is not , therefore, the steam pushes are excluded. The hot air coming from the furnace under the floor and on the walls of the special pipes. First you enter the room with a rather moderate temperature. In the next room temperature slightly increases. Here you break through the first pot. In the next room - very hot - the floor is covered with bricks with holes, in which enters the fever air. The walls are literally heat! But even though it's hot and sweating profusely, feel easy, to breathe freely, the air is clean. The fact is, that through one pipe out the concentrated steam, through another - injected fresh air. After the procedure woollen glove wipes sweat, massage, become a shower or sent to the swimming pool.

Those who watched the film dayswill certainly remember the Japanese officer (he played a remarkable actor L. Mr.. ), splashing in a huge wooden barrel. This is a Japanese bath, extremely common in the Country of the rising sun, Ofuro - home steam room, Sento - public. And when Sento there are restaurants, cinemas, a reading-room.

So, a big wooden barrel. Within her seat. Under a barrel - stove. The barrel filled with water so as to be able to be in position. The whole body, except for the chest (the heart), in the water, the temperature of which reaches 45 degrees. The head usually wear a cap, soaked in cold water. After the bath, about an hour's rest, lay down on the couch, turning the sheets. And sweat. He who seeks to lose excessive weight, in a woolen blanket. Then wiped off with a dry and do the exercise in the open air.

Japanese baths are held in a spacious, well ventilated areas. In this Japanese see one of the virtues of his bath. He who first tries of the Japanese bath, carries it with difficulty. Whether the joke is immersed in boiling water! But the Japanese hardening since childhood. They are great patriots of their baths, and believe that it helps prevent colds, relieves fatigue, steels, tones, increases the metabolism.

The inhabitants of the Islands of Japan go to or Sento almost every day, but once in three days - necessarily. Appreciate the bath and Japanese doctors, considering it an excellent curative and preventive means for activization of the activity of the heart and kidneys, with rheumatic pains. Japanese athletes enjoy the steam bath after a strenuous exercise, considering that they relieve nervous tension. They are sure that the bath treatment (because of its short duration - 10-15 minutes) not relaxes and invigorates, not , and tempers. To such conclusion came and Japanese physiologists.

Japanese bath has spread to other countries. I remember how, during the Brazilian team in Moscow we, sports journalists, came to the hotel to the famous soccer player Pele. But the interview was delayed for 10 minutes. Pele in the hot tub, " apologized the coach of the Core. Then, talking with us, Pele said that several exceeded its weight category every day and takes a Japanese bath (and he said: Japanese).

At the XI winter Olympic games in Sapporo, our athletes had got acquainted with one type of Japanese baths. This is the so-called sawdust bath. Sawdust is not simple, and cedar. In addition, we add chopped the wood and leaves, and more than 60 of medicinal and aromatic herbs. All this mixture is placed on a special bed and heated to about 60 degrees. A session in the steam bath lasts for 15 minutes. A person subjected to the action of heat, sweating, and sawdust absorb sweat and transmit the body of a variety of useful substances. The Japanese were in delight from such a bath. They say that it is effectively dissolving fat deposits, rejuvenates the skin and destroy harmful bacteria.

After the bath usually do vibromassage. Our sportsmen pleased with the new Japanese bath, and they decided to take over the useful experience.


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