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The purity of the banned

Fell To Ancient Rome. Died ancient culture. There was a grim era of religious asceticism, of superstition and ignorance. Thinking about the salvation of the soul, people with contempt attitude to his body. Many centuries to the water, to care about the purity of the body, as that seems now wild and improbable, regarded as... as a demonic delusion.

In one of the historical annals we find mention of the sect called grazing. The members of this sect, common in Mesopotamia, do not have permanent homes, and did not eat bread and vegetables, and wandered about through the mountains and eat grass. The purity of the body grazing believed pollution of the soul. Special honors taken advantage of by those who walked in the dirty and never bathed. They were called saints... Saint Anthony, which he called the father of monasticism, was proud of the fact that he never washed his feet.

Of course, in the most difficult times of ignorance were glimpses and even the greatest of the enlightenment. How not to recall the brilliant physician, , philosopher and poet Abu Ali al-Husayn Ibn al-Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Sina, known as the Latinized name of Avicenna. He was born in 980 in , near Bukhara (present-day Tajikistan). The famous Canon of medicine, written by Avicenna - a kind of encyclopedia, which for many centuries was an obligatory management for physicians of different countries, including European. It is interesting, that the great physician has expressed an ingenious guess about the existence of the invisible substances, which may occur disease, i.e. bacteria.

Avicenna called exercise the most important condition for the preservation of health. If exercise, " wrote the great Tajik, " there is no need to use drugs. In the Canon a lot of useful advice for the care of the skin, the most valuable beauty recipes. Avicenna was an ardent supporter of steam bathhouses, considering their excellent health and Wellness means.

In the big Assembly hall of Moscow state University among the portraits of leading figures of science is a portrait of the great Chinese doctor Li Shi- (born in 1518 g.). His largest work or Ben Cao gang mu (12 thousand recipes) partially translated into the Russian language. Li Shih-Chen of particular importance attached to the healthy action of water. He recommended that steam baths, baths from sulfur, iodine and carbonic waters, which, as is known, in our time, has received a wide distribution. The great physician thought dew excellent natural remedy for tempering the body of the person.

Such as Avicenna and Li Shi-Zheng, were rays of light in the dark Kingdom. A thousand years are water, its therapeutic properties regarded as sinful. The devastating epidemic engulfed Europe. In 1347 - 1350 years of the epidemic of plague black death - has claimed 25 million lives. One-fourth of the population of the continent! The daughter of one of the French kings died from lousiness. Even aristocrats did not know what soap and handkerchief, which ceased to exist after the death of the Roman Empire. But the handkerchief used even in Ancient Greece, referring to him as an indispensable attribute, in the writings of many ancient writers. Again handkerchief appeared only in the XIX century.

Yes, the sanitary conditions in the middle ages - and it lasted for no less than a thousand years! - were terrible. The Earls and marquises during the meal they gave the dogs Boobs their plates and again ate of these plates. In the cities was the stench. Impurity flowed directly on the street.

American scientist-orientalist Henry HART in his book about the famous Venetian traveler of the XIII century, Marco Polo gives such facts about the customs of the medieval Venice.

Washed few, most likely in the form of exceptions... Linen was considered to be a luxury that a widow Sofia left to the will of one of their new shirts Donna Renee and one Donna . The cleanliness, the Venetians cared little appearance was for them it is much more important. Like all residents of Europe, the inhabitants of Venice, men and women, went to the expensive silk, furs, wore jewels, but not washed, and the lower the clothes they had or horribly dirty, or its not there at all.

Centuries have passed, before mankind again made friends with water and steam room came into its own. The English Parliament, even issued a special bill on the construction of baths, laundries and cost effective water.


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Finnish sister

We get acquainted with the traditions of Russian bath. But the Russian baths have a sister. Finnish sauna. Even in ancient times, steam room was revered as the Finns had a sacred place. Here they brought the sick to the amendment. The Finns there is a legend was born as a sauna. The drops of rain, leaked through a leaky roof, hit on the hot stones of the home. In the house of a whirlwind rushed the hot steam. People felt the gentle fragrant heat. He was, that is, to the court, and the people have decided their own hands to do what he could to make rain.

The Finns are so believe in the healing power of his bath, say, a sauna may enjoy every man, who is capable to her reach. As in the Russian bath, in the sauna water on the hot stones of the fireplace. The Finns call them the soul of the sauna. As in the Russian bath, here love to have a birch broom. When and how to warm up, , it will pay off in cold lake.

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