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Danube Ivanovich and don Ivanovich

If the ancient inhabitants of India bow down to the Ganges, believing in its cleansing properties, the Egyptians treated the Nile as to the divine, then the Russians for centuries worship the Volga river, called her his mother. Remember our wonderful tales. Their heroes-bogatyrs, dying, stretched wide rivers - the Danube Ivanovich, don Ivanovich. Bread and salt honored Sadko the Volga river, and Ilya Muromets oku. And the legend of the dead and the living water? In national epos said, that the dead water could heal wounds. As for the living water called heroic, she not only sealed the wound, but, and resurrected.

And the ancient holiday of Kupala?! Because of this, but essentially, purifying bathing. Water and fire. To prevent illness, hardened. Here is what you can read in the ancient Chronicles of the feast: ...that for the sake of - evening and squinting for the sake of guilt are good at different medical apart from.

Clean water for illnesses of the trouble! - has long said the Russian people.

And have they bathing, - he wrote about the ancient Slavic baths Arab traveler and writer Abu Obeid- , " but like a house of wood and slit his kind of matter, which is formed on the trees, like the green moss... She serves them and instead of resins for ships. Then they are in one of the corners of the house arrange fireplace of stone and at the top against the hearth opens a window to exit smoke. When the hearth , they will close this window and close the doors of the house. In the house there is always a reservoir for water, which they poured hearth, and then rises pairs. In the hands of each bundle of dry branches, which they lead to the movement of the air and pulling him to her. And then opened their pores, and comes excess of their bodies, and the flow of these rivers.

And now reveal Pushkin's poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. The song of the fourth. Young Ratmir rides the horse, trying to catch up spouse. When the dark night, the young Khan was unexpectedly invited to the castle:

But first the young man the lead

To the great Russian bath-house,

's wave smoke flow

In her silver vats,

And crust cold fountains;

Outspread luxury carpet;

It tired Khan falls;

Transparent pairs over him much;

bliss full of eyes,

Lovely, ,

In caring loving and dumb,

Around the Khan of the virgin young

Crowded the crowd,

Over the knight of different waves

Branches of young birches,

And the heat from them fragrant bursting,

Another juice springtime roses

Tired members

And aromas of


* * *

The glory about the Russian bath, about its benefits for health has long stepped over borders of your country. Russian baths are in different cities of the world. In Moscow the most popular are old sandunovskie baths (they founded the well-known actors ). But, it turns out, bath with such a name exists in the... Canada. Yes, Yes, sandunovskie baths of the ocean. Such is the fascination of Russian bathhouses, that one of the descendants of spared no money and efforts to build them. in Canada enjoyed a great success.


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Fell To Ancient Rome. Died ancient culture. There was a grim era of religious asceticism, of superstition and ignorance. Thinking about the salvation of the soul, people with contempt attitude to his body. Many centuries to the water, to care about the purity of the body, as that seems now wild and improbable, regarded as... as a demonic delusion.

In one of the historical annals we find mention of the sect called grazing. The members of this sect, common in Mesopotamia, do not have permanent homes, and did not eat bread and vegetables, and wandered about through the mountains and eat grass. The purity of the body grazing believed pollution of the soul. Special honors taken advantage of by those who walked in the dirty and never bathed. They were called saints... Saint Anthony, which he called the father of monasticism, was proud of the fact that he never washed his feet.

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Baths and Saunas

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