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The white and black

A steam room to its original essence is a simple, yet ingenious construction. Hardly it is not one of the most ancient buildings, the construction of which has reached our days. In the villages of this hut, it was pole-of logs. Often half-buried in the ground. First, go into the small dressing, undressing, and then directly in the sauna, in the steam room. In the steam room - stove - oven, in which imposed stones. Furnace heating, stones heated. The smoke through a pipe to the outside. Therefore, they say, steam -white. Stones poured hot water. Bath is filled with hot steam. And then you can climb up on the shelves. They in the form of three-four steps. The higher, the hotter.

Sometimes you can hear: I steamed himself on-black. What is it? This is the most ancient Russian bath, some of them preserved in our days. A tiny log cabin. Furnace heating, a chimney no. Smoke comes out in the steam room, the walls of Smoking. Hence the name - on-black. Such a bath after furnace ventilated. the walls of water. Then several gangs of water in the heater: this is called pairing bath.

Who had to steam in the bath (the author of these lines had to go to the bath on-black at Valdai), don't forget it . Hot and at the same time gentle heat. The aroma of the hearth. And what a happy .

A journey in the oven? It was once the favourite in many of our countries, and particularly in non-forested areas, where it was not possible to build a separate log-bath. Who have experienced this kind of a way to steam (it has survived to this day), find in it a special charm. Baked in, say, a large Russian stove bread. Pulled it out, removed ash and coal, clean as it should be. Then laid inside the straw or a Board laid and, careful not to touch the heated walls and ceiling, right in the oven, feet first. But even before you get into the oven, in advance lay there a birch broom and put with water. Dipped beam straw in water and sprayed on the walls of the furnace. Reared up clubs of hot steam. But couples instantly dissipated, and in the furnace remains a pleasant heat. , as cautiously selected from the furnace. And not regret the cold water, and if the nearby river and dive right into it.


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Akims along with the old man Fedotovich steam in the bath.

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