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Moscow and Muscovites

Moscow and Muscovites - the main, the most well-known book In. A. Gilyarovskogo. She has absorbed more than half century impressions about Moscow and its inhabitants.

The first, a very brief acquaintance with Moscow occurred in 1873, when the writer was in the cadet school. "I remember going on Pokrovka, on Ilyinka street, got on the Arbat. All I was busy, all amazed" (t. 1, with. 100). But these impressions were short-lived. The second time Gilyarovsky arrived in Moscow in 1881, and since then has not left it, except for the newsman's travel and short breaks in задонских steppes. For many years he was engaged in the study of urban slums, streets and lanes, getting acquainted with the life, the way of life of the inhabitants of the city. Work on the book he began shortly after the October revolution. In 1926 there was a first edition of the book. It was only 5 chapters, telling about the markets, slums, taverns and a debtor's prison-pit. Interest to these facilities was caused by the fact that the Moscow city Council began to destroy them. Then Gilyarovsky wrote a new Chapter and released the book in 1931 under the name of "Notes of a Muscovite". Does not stop it and in this case, up to the end of life while continuing to Refine and add to the book of new chapters.

In this publication is printed on the kN.: In. A. Gilyarovsky. Composition in 4 тт.Т. 4. M., "The truth", 1968, with small reductions in essays: "Хитровка", "Circle with an eagle", "Merchants", "the Belly of Moscow", "the Bakers, barbers", "Restaurants", "Олсуфьевская fortress".


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In these baths перебывала and грибоедовская, and Pushkinskaya Moscow, the one that was in the passenger compartment Zinaida Volkonskaya and the English club. When appeared in print "Trip to Erzrum", where Pushkin so exciting described Tiflis bath, Ламакина wrote from Tiflis to sample банщиков-Tatars, but they have Muscovites, lovers of hot shelves and sweet birch broom, special, did not succeed, and they are no longer subscribed to. But our bathhouse attendants took the Council of Pushkin and started for the lovers of linen bubble for soap and woolen mitten.

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