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The only place that no one Muscovite is not passed, a bath. And artisan man, and the nobleman, and the poor, and the rich man is not able to live without shopping baths.

In the eighties of the past century Almighty master of the capital" - the military General-Governor In. A. Dolgorukov went to sandunovskie baths, where in a luxurious room of the family Department he served silver basins and the gang. But in his Palace there were marble baths, which at the time were still a rarity in Moscow. Yes, and not just used to them Muscovites, who loved by heredity and broom Turkish bath, and relax in the раздевальной, and in their company's "language scratch".

Each class had its favourite bath. The rich and people in General with funds went to the "noble" branch. Workers and the poor - in "простонародное" for a Nickel.

Water, heat and steam are the same, only the environment is different. Bath as a bath! Sponge - thirteen, soap for one kopeck. Many of them, and now are, have been, and in the same homes, as in the end of the last century, only the public is in them another, Yes the old owners, landlords baths, no, nor the memorial of them soon disappear, because to talk about them to no one.

In the literature on the bath everyday life of Moscow there is nothing. While all this was in front of everyone, and nobody was interested in writing about what everyone knows: " who will be reading about the baths? Only in the dictionary of Dalya remained a proverb, a very typical for many baths: "Trade baths other purely washed, and they drown in the mud!"

And on the judge: I worked half a century Moscow chronicler and бытописателем, and I didn't occur to say one word about the baths, though I knew many of them, knew household features separate saunas, met there with interesting Muscovites all layers, which has often described in different circumstances. But in Moscow there were sixty of the most diverse, each in its own way, baths, and, in addition, they all have a permanent population, their own, сознававшее themselves real Muscovites.

Even in my first book about "Moscow and Muscovites" I never and anywhere did not say a word and never would have remembered them or that situation, in which lived bathhouse attendants, if a good man of my nose is not pointed, as they say, and do not reminded me of one word, I heard somewhere in the remote village not the former Зарайского, not the former Kolomna district; remember only that the village was near the Oka river, where I frequently in the early eighties, went on a hunting trip. There, among the old, the local residents, I had heard this word, and this word was:

We Muscovites! And the pride with which they said it, sitting on the завалинках from their избенок. We Muscovites!

And come to me, a complete stranger, powerfully built, with a gray mustache old man: " You I dozens of years and I know the last book you read... Really sorry, that I will allow myself I disturb you.

Looks at me and smiles:

- For your payback is! I'm positively surprised.

- New debts I have not, but for the old ones, with moneylenders, for me the revolution settled, thanks to her!

I told him so.

- Yes, that's the fact of the matter is that there is a duty required...

To whom do I owe? You all Moscow must!" In your books about the whole of Moscow wrote and didn't say a word about bath-houses. But Moscow without a bath - not Moscow! And Moscow you know, and sin you did not write about us, old Muscovites. And so we ask you not to forget baths.


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Only two of the poet spent several lines Russian baths - and every reflected in them of his era. And the one and the other inspired by the Moscow baths. One was a comprehensive Pushkin. Other - Moscow poet Schumacher.

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