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In the women's baths was his "treatment". The first thing, for the whiteness of the person, making the band the grass-series line, and in the "nobility" of the women washed the face of almond высевками. Then went different ointment, up to the washing of the head of kerosene for рощения hair. Here for washing cared банщицы. Grandmother-костоправки worked only in the "lower" baths. They also took part in the treatment of men.

Comes, bent over, the man in the bath, to the bailiff, and requests to call his grandmother.

- Backache tortured!

The same repeated it and came grandmother. She gave him a bottle with some liquid, ordered to go take a bath and after паренья nateretsya her medicine, and after a bath affect her. Вымывшись and dressed, sick called grandmother. She ordered him to go belly across the threshold of the door ajar, put the top on the back of dry broom and hit slowly axe several times by venik, whispering incomprehensible spells. This operation was called "присекание".

Grandmother in the life of the baths were of great importance, because of the attendants many specially came to the bath. They have a very valued the owners of baths: grandmother corrected dislocations, "spoke hernia", ruled by the bellies of both men and women, tipping the pot. The main thing is their specialty was obstetrics. Already in a few weeks pregnant woman began to ask:

My grandmother Anisia, you don't leave me! Okay, but you often in the bath-house come, it пользительно to the child in the right way has become. When need be, I will come!

Long before, as Гонецкий redid sandunovskie baths in the restoration of the Palace, And. P. Czechs liked to stay in the old sandunovsky baths baths, cozy, without the luxury and unnecessary brilliant glare.

- Anton, go to the bath,- he calls it happened, the brother of the painter Nikolai, all-smeared with paint.

- I would go... but I'm afraid of... suddenly, as the last time, remember, meet ya... I was dressed and go out, and he enters. Took me by the button and the hour that once told. Suddenly again meet? And I love Сандуны... Only about the air bad: in dry weather, dust, and when the rain with all the houses of their uncleanness in Неглинку.


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In these baths перебывала and грибоедовская, and Pushkinskaya Moscow, the one that was in the passenger compartment Zinaida Volkonskaya and the English club. When appeared in print "Trip to Erzrum", where Pushkin so exciting described Tiflis bath, Ламакина wrote from Tiflis to sample банщиков-Tatars, but they have Muscovites, lovers of hot shelves and sweet birch broom, special, did not succeed, and they are no longer subscribed to. But our bathhouse attendants took the Council of Pushkin and started for the lovers of linen bubble for soap and woolen mitten.

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Хороший сборщик мебели на дом недорого Нижний Новгород с гарантией.

Baths and Saunas


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