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A. P. Chekhov had to live in one of the apartments in the new ban Palace, the air around which was the same as under the old Сандунах. Then baths held Biryukov, a bath-king, as he was called in Moscow. He came to Moscow in лапотках, boy, back in Ламакиных, in the bath, he worked for ten years, понастроил a number of bathhouses, held and Сандуновские. And then it happened: the house and the bath were in pledge at the millionaire-дровяника Фирсанова. And that to Фирсанову got it, you miss it! Фирсанов gave money under a big, good home, and so fail, what's house must be for him. Many manor houses and apartment houses became its prey. At the time, And when. P. Chekhov holding the button Sergienko, "Сандуны" were still only in the pledge at the Фирсанова, and after a year had gone over to him...

It was a huge house barrack-аракчеевского style, with the manor luxury раздевальной - creation of the famous architect of the twenties. After the death of Ivan Фирсанова owned baths, twenty-three houses in Moscow and the Moscow region estate "Средниково", where the гащивали of the great writers and poets, was the daughter of Faith. Widely and fun healed Vera Ivanovna in Prechistenka, in the best of their manor houses, referred to it by inheritance from the father. She began to visit and the gilded youth, and fashion бонвиваны, the lions of the capital, and good men, up to the largest of judicial officials and lawyers. Big business after his father Vera Ivanovna was almost as personally. Through attending the Ministerial officials she knew, what you do, and skillfully conducted from time to time their business Affairs. Around her the wound and beautiful young people, довольствовавшаяся fun for hours, and quite rich, and powerful, and titlist, grew for the beauty, but mainly for its capital. One day in Moscow gasped:

- Vera Ivanovna got married!

Her husband was a guards Lieutenant, son of a military man, Гонецкий. Before the marriage, he often visited in Moscow, in the summer at the races, in winter at the balls and dinners, but to the Faith Ivanovna, "no step", although he has, through his friends, tried in every way to attract in the retinue of his ухаживателей. Among her friends, who were commissioned to bring the Гонецкого, and were his friends. They assured "Vera", that he was the only heir of the old Polish magnate-millionaire, that he now its probably get the money.


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The only place that no one Muscovite is not passed, a bath. And artisan man, and the nobleman, and the poor, and the rich man is not able to live without shopping baths.

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Baths and Saunas


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