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Friends have made it! Vera Ivanovna Фирсанова became Гонецкой. After the wedding the young, to avoid visits, left in the "Средниково", where her husband is totally charmed the fact that offered to take up its Affairs and work together with her.

Viewing the income from фирсановских houses, Гонецкий said:

- And here Khludovs Central bath house built!

You ashamed to have сандуновские ruins; it is a disgrace the name Фирсановых. Khludovs to перешибить! By striking "merchant pride" wives, Гонецкий pointed out to her and to the huge profits that bring Central bath.

- First, it should be sandunovskie baths do what Moscow had not seen and do not see. Instead of pimped build a Palace for baths, will do everything according to the latest science, and the more we put money, the more we will receive the income, and Khludovs reduce to nothing. About our baths speak print, and you're a celebrity! The restructuring of the old baths was solved...

- To declare through the architectural society of the competition for projects baths, -hinted Vera Ivanovna.

What? Moscow architects to build a bath? And why Хлудовы not do so? Why they are discharged from the veins of the Builder... Эйбушиц, I think? But he's not out of the major architects... There is a celebrity larger. With Moscow architects and I will not work. We should create something new, something great, drain the East and the West in this Palace!.. After a trip to the European baths, from Turkey to Ireland, in the Palace of youth on Prechistenka took place предбанное meeting of the expert people. All it led himself Гонецкий, and built arrived from Vienna architect Freydenberg. Using the construction of baths, Гонецкий in a few months traded on Bank checks, signed by his wife, their previous debt, which disappeared in the flame of the green fire in the office of "a retired captain of the guards", променявшего brilliance of the guards parade on the millions of merchants'.

Once in the hot autumn day, which sometimes fall in September, on the Boulevard among children in some рубашонках and out of the public in the summer suits from the Tverskaya Zastava quickly and concentrated walked, not paying attention to anyone, three short of the person. Their бритые person, sweaty and flushed, looked out of the fur collars warm coat. In the right hands they were racing whips, in the left - the small suitcases, and one, in a grey смушковой hat tilted over the eyebrows, under the mouse bundle and a bath-a broom. He was a little taller and broader in the shoulders of their satellites. All three of them - the famous jockeys: in смушковой cap - Voronkov, and the other two - English: Ambrose and Policy. After two days of play the biggest prize for двухлеток, to slow down the weight, and they return of the "Georgian" bathhouses, where "потнялись" on the shelves. Now they quickly walk, to reach all saints and would go back to their homes: Policy lives on Башиловке, and others in the race village, in their stables.


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The audience ожидательно listening; in the dining room the clatter of the dishes served dinner. Poured the hot plates... Over чоканье glasses... Immediately became silent - only at the table of young people in the next room noisy bubbling with life. And the matter is схлебывание with spoons, such loud champing that even choked joy of youth. Someone choked. His neighbor in silence punches the back of the neck, to fish-bones slipped... Snorting, champing, red faces, sleepy-looking eyes. Two lovers in the blue shirts откупоривают bottles, corks flying up in the ceiling, the ruble ланинское champagne cold shower down on the guests.

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