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Georgian bath is loved by jockeys and the Gypsies, occupying Живодерку. And jockeys - favorite visitors банщиков, which were paid on the ruble, and the main thing, sometimes whispered about верненькую horse on the next race. Roma - terrible lovers of the event - also use this information, жарясь for this in семидесятиградусную heat, in a cloud of hot steam, which imparts bathhouse attendants for their generous guests.

As one friend, who knew that I was studying the Muscovites, invited me to visit his kin - банщику. Банщик lived in the country in Petrovsky Park, and bath held somewhere on the Yauza.

- He has four name-day of his wife Sophia and three daughters "погодки" Faith, Hope and Love. Man prudent, so all the daughters stopped to, one day, with his mother at the same time, the birthday party to celebrate. The elder of two daughters high school cum. The spacious hall was placed at the disposal of young people: students, students, and two-three of a relative in the blue shirts and поддевках, in shiny high boots, two-three silent ladies in silk dresses. Music, singing, dancing under the piano. In the intervals poetry reading and singing of the students ' songs, up to "Дубинушки on-студенчески". The noise, the young fun. Next to the living room, dressed-up merchants and poor relatives quietly and motionlessly sitting along the walls or grouped around the thick, hung with jewels birthday girl. They encompass trays with dessert. A few black-and короткополых - the first in смазных boots, the second in the boots - occupy the ladies. They go into the next room, where there is a large table covered with a snack and a drink. Come, kiss, and again--to the ladies or in the next room, " there on the two tables sedate game in preference and the one in "стуколку". Преферансисты - old merchants, two substantial official - the one with "Anna in the buttonhole" and he the master of the house, in долгополом coat with a gold medal on the tape on red neck, growing from a deaf blue velvet waistcoat. In the "стуколку" players compete simpler and younger.

And you, Kirill Макарыч, in other people's cards глазенапы not run! The head clerk of the police station, from kuteynikov, sarcastically says: What the Scripture said?

- And what?

- And says so, "Man, if thou wilt win, the first thing to look into other people's cards, for your look always have time. From "стуколки" is heard:

- ACE виней... Clap хрестовый Lady бубенная, pure gold king...


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Then the name was not used between his, and more nicknames Yes, for the signs. Names were given by nature, in a figure, their habits. And that neither the name of the immediately all the people in it. Ivan really hard, Fedor is always almost crying, the Glasses - red nose. Masha is a long and thin, and Sasha is a small, just a bubble. Receive orders. Are calculated. Appears bottle, glass, sausage with cucumbers are honored and grateful to the fellow countryman Кирсаныча.

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