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The audience ожидательно listening; in the dining room the clatter of the dishes served dinner. Poured the hot plates... Over чоканье glasses... Immediately became silent - only at the table of young people in the next room noisy bubbling with life. And the matter is схлебывание with spoons, such loud champing that even choked joy of youth. Someone choked. His neighbor in silence punches the back of the neck, to fish-bones slipped... Snorting, champing, red faces, sleepy-looking eyes. Two lovers in the blue shirts откупоривают bottles, corks flying up in the ceiling, the ruble ланинское champagne cold shower down on the guests.

Brothers Стрельцовы - people almost "in the millions", Moscow homeowners, old believers, it seems, for the Transfiguration sense, the whole of their life was like on the palm of your hand; every step of them was known and seen dozens of years. Both of them - single, lived in the comfort of your home together with her niece, who was all for them: and managing the entire economy, and the cook and the maid. His life was calculated in days, hours and minutes. They were almost word of honour, one dark-haired man with dark a wedge of a beard, the other lighter and with salt and pepper. Senior gave money to the growth of the huge interest. In the court it was the case Nikiforova and Fyodor Streltsova, the accused was the first in лихоимстве: took a forty percent! As it came out that the court awarded F. Streltsova only for a few months in jail. Get out could not have had to do, but professing to be ill, was sent to the prison hospital, where in some way - say, ten thousand in it cost,is found myself at home, and sitting безвыходно, cut coupons... This adventure has passed unnoticed, and it was bleeding again the same life, only the money you have sent are not under the notes and under the house.

The younger brother, Alexey Fedorovich, while brother in the prison hospital, too - the only time to поростовщичать, given under the promissory note friend "a member of an Amateur-" Moscow racing company money, took in the provision of it running stable. A. F. Streltsov out of curiosity to see how the running of his horse, got to run for the first time and was interested in them. His life, hitherto silent, filled with sports talk. He began to ride every race day on his little horse. For the care of the horse sweeper put his relative-a boy, who had served under someone's running stable. Alexey Fedorovich began to "dust" in the running for a gig with his Lenko, which was and groom and the driver.


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Almost all of Moscow's bathhouses were built on the banks of the river Moscow, Yauza river and small rivers like chechera and, Titmice, Хапиловки and about running ponds. The baths were built in most cases, wooden, one-storeyed, as in those times, in a primitive water-supply, in the second floor to deliver the water was difficult.

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