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From time to time he started to take the reins in his hands, learned to edit, bad лошаденку replaced the defective рысачка, became the real "tongue", chasing Petersburg on the highway from the gates to the race, to the Inn "Crossroads", which was about two hours before the race second-class athletes, and so was he, пылившие in the same шарабанчиках and the tavern discussed the chances of horses, and their driver were sitting on the шарабанах and waiting for their owners.

The grooms from the Inn to the beginning of the race drove home in полтиничные space race arbor, then a wooden, and themselves, standing on the шарабанах, looking through the fence at the races, knew each horse, discussed the chances of winning and even played in a tote, piling on двугривенному, then the betting was the ruble. Sometimes Alexey Fedorovich called to the stables his debtor, gently платившего interest, and from there in a circle, look at the tour. Sport filled his life, although domestic routine remained the same. Elder Fyodor still ростовщичал and cutting coupons, leaving a day in the city on business. Dined both brother's house, eating exclusively Russian dishes, without any delicacies, but neither the one nor the other did not drink. By eight in the evening they went to the tavern Саврасенкова on Tverskoy Boulevard, where going to the most diverse audience and fed cheap. In the rear two halls were good billiard, which to the best Moscow players and, of course, grifters, and above it were the "саврасенковские girls", which came a couple of the Boulevard, and tricksters arranged there the "mill", where the lure of a billiard players and play them for sure.

He came to the Inn, Fedor sat down at the bar with his friend Кузьмой Егорычем and his brother Mikhail - содержателями of the Inn. Alex was in the billiard-room, where he had a talk about race, and sometimes and he played Billiards in the RUB party, but always kept a game that managed to even with cheaters beg for almost полпартии advances, and rarely lost, though not playing a cue, and мазиком.

So every night before eleven o'clock, they spent time in Саврасенковых.

At ten o'clock in the morning the brothers together out of the house, Fedor Affairs in the city, and Alex for their Чернышевские baths, with their wooden interior decoration, always clean выструганными and neat shops. He came in раздевальню "noble" branch, was sitting in it, two hours, took from the revenue and put it in a fireproof cupboard. Then I called the Barber. He daily shaving - good gift, not to pay the same to his money, and at eleven o'clock neatly was his brother Fyodor, taken out of the closet bundles of money, leaving the silver brother, and went away. Alexey nursing brother went on the contrary, through Brusovsky lane, in the dirty извозчичий tavern in the house Косоурова to drink tea and spend here for an hour, talking, arguing and discussing the chances of cross-country horses and carriages.


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In the marginal "lower" baths, the "clinic" was such a picture. Saturday. With five or six in the morning the doors of the baths is not opening. The public floats without a break. In the corner of раздевальной примащивался the Barber, who without any sanitation trimmed and shaved visitors. Sometimes, at spare time, he also studied medicine: let the blood and put banks, leeches, pulling teeth...

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