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Here went cabs and полулихачи. They, as well as the grooms "anther", watching through the fence for competitions and knew horses. Each of courtesy inquired about the chances of his horse on the next run.

But at the last handicap you have to post came first, Yes you Balashov around... Its Free-down your, he lobbed and your shot down... Balashov-he had her at a trot place and won, and you have проскачка... At this time Streltsov was already a member of Amateur racing company. There was a sudden. The owner of the pledged his horses broke, part of horses moved to other lenders, the two remained for a debt Streltsov. The rider, in the which the horses were offered him to leave them behind him and myself go to them for prizes. Tried to проездках, successfully. Wrote one on the encouragement prize, came safely to the last. After a series of losses given to him on a big handicap advantageous distance. He had won, if not the case, of which he reminded of sympathy every time cabs. From that moment he hated Balashova and all dreamed of going round it in that whatever the cost. Going of the seasons, and it all came at the tail end or just the last one. Each time he took a ticket for himself in the betting, and sometimes it was the only ticket to his horse. The audience at the check-out him on the start laughing, and during the race, alluding to the profession of the owner, and cried: - A broom! With her! But he still hoped for his only ticket break the sweepstakes, and all came last. Even the audience laughing stopped. And the archers on your own fill your life this sport, because the only life a joy it was! Alexey Fedorovich dared not to tell his brother about his hobby, which considered silly, standing relatively inexpensive and not varied instigated by the order of life; money, money, money and money. No Dating, no кутежей. Even Newspapers brothers Стрельцовы not read; only in the tavern sometimes a glimpse of the small magazines, and Alexey is the only thing I read is running reports. Only once in the life of the police imposed wealthy brethren two tickets to a charity performance at the Bolshoy theatre in "the Demon". Alexey took Lenku-groom. After returning home, both swore, telling Fedor Fedorovich:

- And again, all lies! And as he yelled that The son of the Ether; and thou me, Lida, in the side tychesh and whisper:"Liar!" And it is true lied: Free the son of Lung and the witch.


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The ninth hour of the morning небанного day, but полтинное branch of the sandunovsky baths baths with ливрейным the doorman at 6ольшого entry with Звонарского alley was usually quickened my audience, coming for a swim in the infinity pool on the second floor of the Palace.

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Baths and Saunas


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