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The ninth hour of the morning небанного day, but полтинное branch of the sandunovsky baths baths with ливрейным the doorman at 6ольшого entry with Звонарского alley was usually quickened my audience, coming for a swim in the infinity pool on the second floor of the Palace.

Swim in the pool sandunovsky baths baths came artists of the best theatres, and between them almost one hundred years of the actor, which he took as a sign of respect to his age Korsch. This is Ivan Alekseevich Григоровский, who served on the stage in both Moscow and in the province and is now playing villains in the old plays, which he knew by heart and played them back in the forties. He carefully went every day for a swim in the pool before all, having bathed, took from his pocket a small "crook", bouncers plug and pull half, and then to the bottom, munching a twist. Because of this, "crook" the Moscow doctor Zakharyin, бравший for a visit to the объевшимся to carnival pancakes merchants of three hundred and five hundred by five hundred rubles, and almost beat him with a stick. Do not and never bolevshy the old man suddenly felt, as he said, "tightness in the chest". He was advised to go to Захарьину, but, having found out, that for reception at the home he takes twenty-five roubles, swore and went not. He arranged for acquaintance reception - and zaharyin accepted it. The first question:

- Do you drink vodka?

- How - drink!

- Occasionally?

No, every day... - On a glass? The two?.. Sometimes and cups. Other than vodka, but didn't drink! Yesterday on three именинах was. Wine-glasses-thirty, maybe forty. Mad Zaharyin. Jumped up from his chair, his eyes widened, with a stick knocks on the floor and yelling:

What?.. With... with... forty! And today drank? That's only drank half... And showed him from his pocket a "swindler". "Zaharyin hit me on the arm, " said friends of Григоровский, " Yes I held tight.

Get out of here! Kick him out! The Noise came the man and brought me out. And he was cursing and yelling... And then ran after me and caught me. And how long were you drinking?" How many years?

- Drink years of the twenty... For the next year a hundred years."

Sitting in a booth sandunovsky baths baths, where Гонецкий introduced the sale of red wine, the old man said:

- And to drink I learned here, in these very baths, even when the very Сандунова been alive. And her I had seen, and Pushkin saw... he Loved hot steam!

- Pushkin? - surprise asked his listeners.

Yes, here. These каюток wasn't here, the house was a long, two-storey, and the hall of the nobility was also large, with the same soft sofas, and the buffet was ask for what you want... Pushkin here and visited. His friend me and drink learned. Before sofas then the tables were. Here we sit lot of having steamed, the table and the rest. I Dmitriev. Drink брусничную water. Suddenly goes, похрамывая, Denis V. Davydov... the famous! His Excellency quarters then at the house of Тинкова, in Prechistenka street, and a spouse Тинкова, my godmother. There I became acquainted with the famous hero. He wrote verse and used to read them at the cross. Out Denis Vasilievich from the bath, put the sheet and sat down next to me, and Dmitriev him: "With light steam, your Excellency. Do you want cranberry sediment? Aromatic!"


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Opened in "простонародное" unit, " Packed in there, though it was eleven o'clock in the morning. But in the "noble" for twenty kopecks was quite spacious. In мыльне a man of thirty. Банщик is the second time soaped my head and pushing выскребал soot from his beard and hair, then they have me were still thick. I was sitting with closed eyes and senses swam in a delirium. In the midst of the noise, the gentle splash of water, шлепанья on naked flesh I hear a loud cry:

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