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Aren't you afraid?,- asks.

- "Why?"

And these are her a drink? Pushkin about it thus says: I'm Afraid, брусничная water I'd not done harm", and because he drank her with arrack".

Denis Vasilievich blinked, and банщик already carries two bottles of cranberry sediment water and a bottle of drink. And began to Denis Vasilievich filled himself and us, half a glass of water, half a glass of drink. Taste delicious. And the some verses about the Arak reads...

Don't remember how I came home.

For the first time drunk, " I never thought that I drink so strong.

And each time, as it happened, see кудрявцовскую lemon drop in color piece of tail at one end, so that I may remember my teacher. In these candies narrow tickets invested, on two lines of the poem. Remember, I got the ticket:

I'm afraid брусничная water

I'd not done harm!

Then neither drink, nor cranberry sediment was not! To "swindlers" live! Cheap and cheerful!..

Loved Григоровский talk about the past. A lot he saw, his memory was amazing. With pleasure, he said, liked to say, and all will be happy to be listened to. About himself he did not like to remember, but still, they had to, because he told only that, where the party was, where herself off. Sometimes called himself in the third person, as if he's about it. Where he says, that he recalls: in the tavern, the old taverns, about who and how drank, ate; in the theater in the circle of actors, are the memories of the actors of the theatre. And what he didn't know! Who-whom he did not remember!

What, Vanya, you Sukhovo-Kobylin knew?, - asked him once in the theater Korsch actor Киселевский, отклеивая tanks and разгримировываясь after Кречинского".

- No, but you Расплюева seen?

- As Расплюева? Because this type.

- Let the type, and it was a choirboy in the theater in Yaroslavl and was sharper. The surname of the other... If its me then at the "Pillars" of the window for cheating threw him out. Here are just forgotten who it was; not then Bear Dokuchaev, not something Egor Bystrov!

For his years Григоровский was still very energetic and not loved, when he was reproached old age. Once in the restaurant "Livorno" Ivan Alekseevich told his friends:

Yesterday I was visiting a young Telegraph. Nice time spent... Andreev-Burlak laughs: - Vanya! As you are lying! When you could with young nice time to spend, then telegraphs was not.


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In the marginal "lower" baths, the "clinic" was such a picture. Saturday. With five or six in the morning the doors of the baths is not opening. The public floats without a break. In the corner of раздевальной примащивался the Barber, who without any sanitation trimmed and shaved visitors. Sometimes, at spare time, he also studied medicine: let the blood and put banks, leeches, pulling teeth...

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Baths and Saunas


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