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Once in the morning hour entered in раздевальню the six-foot Colonel, all in black, with a mustache to the chest, and on its overall bow with all bath-sofa there was a greeting:

Hello, Nikolay Il'ich! - The whole night in the rogozhski the fire was... Выкупаюсь Yes to sleep... Houses twenty-burned. It was Colonel N. And. Ogarev, a relative of the poet, a friend of Herzen. He loved the whole of Moscow. His seconded from the guard of the army with the production of a Colonel and was appointed to the order of the Moscow Governor-General. Then he made the police chief of the second Department of Moscow. He was passionately fond of fires, never missed one, and, as all the fire, loved the bath. In the sixties he allowed all of those arrested, even in the secret chambers at a police houses, that is, political prisoners, led in the bath accompanied by a Musketeers" (unarmed officers in police houses). In 1862, in the Tver part in the secret was the largest state criminal of the time, then condemned to penal servitude, Para. Mr.. Зайчневский. Ogarev every day admiring the piebald fire horses and through the window he met with Зайчневским, is also a lover of horses, and then once been in his cell, and let him accompanied by the soldiers to walk in bath.

On Saturday members of the "Russian gymnastic society" from the house of Редлиха in Strastnoy Boulevard after evening classes had the custom of going to the next sandunovskie baths, and I always went into the Палашевские, next to the numbers of "England", where I lived.

And most importantly, also because of the fact that next to the baths was лавчоночка, where the national poet of Razorenov selling your product kvas and his pickling cucumbers, from under which the brine was up to the ароматичен and tasty that it preferred to even the beautiful bread kvass. Shop was small, so that the old man giant Alexey Ермилыч barely turned to her, when he had to draw water from a barrel buckets of brine or pouring out of the tap a big mug of kvass. That, and the other was worth a penny. Shop closed at eleven o'clock, and I always from a bath in a hurry don't be late, to find the time to talk with the old man about the theater and poetry, listen to his new poems and share your own.


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A. P. Chekhov had to live in one of the apartments in the new ban Palace, the air around which was the same as under the old Сандунах. Then baths held Biryukov, a bath-king, as he was called in Moscow. He came to Moscow in лапотках, boy, back in Ламакиных, in the bath, he worked for ten years, понастроил a number of bathhouses, held and Сандуновские. And then it happened: the house and the bath were in pledge at the millionaire-дровяника Фирсанова. And that to Фирсанову got it, you miss it! Фирсанов gave money under a big, good home, and so fail, what's house must be for him. Many manor houses and apartment houses became its prey. At the time, And when. P. Chekhov holding the button Sergienko, "Сандуны" were still only in the pledge at the Фирсанова, and after a year had gone over to him...

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Baths and Saunas


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