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We shared vying with each other memories, both passionate one topic of conversation, knew her on every side. Talked randomly, one word caused the other, one details--other, one person knew the one on the one side, the other - on the other. Word for word, detail by detail, painted a vivid picture of, and types.

We both fell for one purpose is to highlight the familiar way of life on all sides.

Here I am still able to work, and as I give all the forces of the Moscow - so go to their home. There we're almost all Muscovites. That is why the us and it's a shame that you forgot us. Your audience is much wider than you thought озаглавливая book. They are not only those who were born in Moscow, but also those, which gives Moscow region. So, Yaroslavskaya gave sex, Vladimirskaya - carpenters, Kaluga - bakers. Банщиков gave three of the province, but in each one-two counties, and not in a row, and sockets. In Moscow a little nests gave Kolomna district: коломенцы more work in St. Petersburg. From time immemorial Moscow saturated bathhouse attendants counties: Zaraisky - Ryazan, Tula - Kashirskiy and Веневский. So from generation to generation went to Moscow men and women. Behold, I was brought ten-year-old boy, as were and grandfathers and fathers, and our children!..

When there was no Railways, children were brought to Moscow with fellow travellers on horseback. Any relative, who lives in Moscow, also with a companion came to leave the village, dressed in чуйку, cap choice from the hood, boots, Shoe, and on his waistcoat - clock with a neck chain.

All of its properties relatives and friends admired, envied, listening to his stories about the good service, the life in Moscow. Father, with the son of ten or twelve years, begged to take him to Moscow to relatives, in the bath.

Equip lad barely literate, give him two pair bast, казинетовую поддевку, two changes of homespun linen and выхлопатывают passport, which had to add the year, which cost money.

In Moscow the boy was taken to the relatives and fellow countrymen who had served in any of the bath. Here is the first cut, washed, give him the urban form.

Teaching starts with "geography". The first thing the show, where the pub and how to enter it in the back way, then - where the public-house, which run for boiling water, where a bakery. And here is the future of Moscow comes into his rights and duties.

The work of the boys except acceleration and parcels merged with the work of adults, but they had and has its own, special. In the two "небанных" day of the week - Monday and Tuesday - boys washed bottles and helped pour kvass, which traded in baths, as in a "bath" days of preparing brooms, which overlooked, especially on Saturdays and on the eve of great feasts, in some baths on three thousand pieces. Brooms these brought возами from remote villages, especially from under Gzhel, associated born in pairs. The work of the boys was to untie the twigs.

In the baths boys worked in раздевальнях, and helped цирюльникам, and there are also cut their nails and cut the calluses. Their responsibilities were also prepare a sponge, for which bought Cooley, a salt which was good urine. For lovers find the best urine - "бараночное", tender and soft, it was brought specially in Moscow bakeries and it низали the wheel and drying; it was three times more expensive кулевого. In the two "небанных day" of the work was even more differently household, and in addition, the owner sent to cleaning the yard of his house, transporting wood debris, clean the snow from the roof. And most of all the little boys were battered and work, and knockers from "кусочников".

It was полухозяева, in the hands of the bathhouse attendants, and банщицы, and all the bath-working people, and especially exploited their workers-парильщики, whose work and living conditions were not comparable with anything.

From five o'clock in the morning till twelve o'clock naked and barefoot man, only in one brief an apron from the navel to the knee, works continually all the muscles of his body, with variable temperature from 14 to 60 degrees Реомюру, even though all the while wet.


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In the women's baths was his "treatment". The first thing, for the whiteness of the person, making the band the grass-series line, and in the "nobility" of the women washed the face of almond высевками. Then went different ointment, up to the washing of the head of kerosene for рощения hair. Here for washing cared банщицы. Grandmother-костоправки worked only in the "lower" baths. They also took part in the treatment of men.

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