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On the Saturday, about which it is told, I ran into sandunovskie baths in the tenth hour of the evening. The first thing decided to cut hair,beard and moustache I don't shaved, leaving the scene. A hairdresser, a boy, I mowed and began to prepare a razor, but I refused.

Honestly, he called me by my name and patronymic,because you always shaved.

It turned out, the student theatre of the hairdresser in Penza. I told him that, leaving the scene in the last time to shave before the show in Baku.

- In the Caucasus, then, were you? We have also in the baths are банщик of Persia from the Caucasus, if you want I'll go get him."

I was pleased. And it was in the Caucasus, the war, the whole of the Caucasus horse riding traveled, and in baths famous not visited.

Indeed, the war is not up to the baths, and the company with which I hauled ride on the wild villages, in the city and nose show it was. In Baku was not up to the baths, and Tiflis we drove past.

- Абидинов! " shouted the he.

In front of me swiftly, dry and flexible, as honeysuckle, with a bare head, spins and weaves банщик and gives me not experienced before pleasure. Describe this unexpected in Moscow operation I dare not, after Pushkin can't write! I quote his "Journey to Арзрум": "...Hasan began with what was laid me on a warm stone floor, after which he began to break I members, pulling joints, beat me severely punch: I did not feel any pain, but an amazing relief (Asian bathhouse attendants come sometimes in ecstasy, jumps onto your shoulders, sliding his feet on the hips and dance on the back squatting). After this for a long time he rubbed my glove, and a severely оплескав the warm water and began to wash the намыленным linen bubble. The feeling of an indescribable: hot soap drench you, as the air! After bladder Hasan lowered me into the shower, and so ended the ceremony".

I was still sitting in the bath, when scrubbed with soap and in the hands flew the two beautiful and clever handsome, brothers Дуровы, the members of the Amateurs of our gymnastic society.


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The boys, of course, wore rags, but already had prepared myself, laying on грошам some of the native uncle or банщице-aunt "capital" on the Deposit tailor and shoemaker.

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