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Which one of them paused for a moment on a carpet, leading to "hot", did a flip-some, sent me a greeting washcloth and disappeared after his brother in a hot bath. And here are our. It is important, anyone not paying attention, catfish sailed our invincible teacher of fencing Taras p. Tarasov, with formidable mustache and a broom under his arm. His athletic heavy it would already be covered by a layer of fat, still have expanded the hills of the biceps and sinewy legs... So who sculpt Hercules! But with this Antinous. This is our unrivalled teacher of gymnastics, the famous dancer and a skater, the elder brother of another beautiful gymnast and now the well-known surgeon Peter Ivanovich Postnikova, then almost schoolboy or the student of the first course. He stopped under a cold shower, twisted, went about marble body revived the Greek demigod, playing the delicate muscles, live relief network which shimmered on the broad back under a thin waist.

I continued to sit in a warm bath. Round, as always in the soap, splashing from the naked wet body, and the hissing of water, tearing from the taps in the gang, a splash of окачивающихся, rain cover of the soul - and not heard human voices. As always, in раздевальнях, gossip, in мыльне, silent, in the hot, guffaw. And the honking of this are heard in мыльне, at the moment when the door opened out of hot. And suddenly such a laugh that and through the door into the hot buzz.

Look when his helmet... I quarter of an hour sitting here, and was he was there... like a roaring lion in the Libyan desert. All запарит!,- speaking to me from the bathroom next бритый old man with a начесанными to her cheeks white вихорками hair. This is a retired official of a secular court, for fifty years выслуживший three rubles a month pension, pain in the lower back and buckle in his buttonhole. - When my mother Catherine, he says, " on the buckle was given to the right of the entrance to the women's bath free of charge, now and in the men's pay! - offended him.

And because of the hot steel hurrying out to several people at once. In the open door came gagged:

Oh..го-th!.. O-go-go!

The... the... the... the... - Plesni more... Plesni... fire away! There was хлестанье a broom. Going into the soapy rocked, snort, hurry to the souls and washed from the taps. - Vali!.. The small of the back!.. The small of the back!., roared thunderous bass.

So!.. So!.. Below you take! Oh-Oh-Oh... th... th!.. So her!.. Комлем Lupi!.. Комлем!.. And suddenly: - Waking!.. But!.. But!.. But!.. OH... OH...


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Then the name was not used between his, and more nicknames Yes, for the signs. Names were given by nature, in a figure, their habits. And that neither the name of the immediately all the people in it. Ivan really hard, Fedor is always almost crying, the Glasses - red nose. Masha is a long and thin, and Sasha is a small, just a bubble. Receive orders. Are calculated. Appears bottle, glass, sausage with cucumbers are honored and grateful to the fellow countryman Кирсаныча.

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