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From the open door there's steam coming. In мыльне was hot... First appeared with a broom in his hands Tarasov. And following him moved a ragged monster with shaggy hair over her shoulders and ржало with delight. Even Tarasov in front of him seemed small. Both the red, with bulging eyes, a rod to the soul, and the monster again laughs and how the layers, turns in the cold rain...

Knew him at once, we met dozens of times on different celebrations and, among other things, on the run and the races, where he often visited, always during the interludes are hiding somewhere in the far corner, because, as he said, "ought Not be a spiritual personage on a horse race, the authorities shall see, and I'm up to the horses lover!" Suited to the sideboard. Offering him the barman tea glass of vodka, and then, if the other the barman did not know Yes pour, as a whole, glass, he now buzz:

What are you? And? Who pour? The Sparrow commune, not his father протодьякону drink. However, all buffets know the archdeacon Шеховцева, from the announcement of the many years" of which the merchant's wedding candles extinguished and under chandeliers crystal pendant with the bells rustled. We Tarasov went to dress. In раздевальне friends. A huge and hairy writer Орфанов-Мишла - also figure slightly smaller Шеховцева, shaggy and bearded, and it is evident that the scissors on his hair or a very long time, and then, maybe never. And next to it a tiny, бритый for-like, with a face in Cam and kinky hair Vasya Vasiliev, Both the inhabitants of the "Blackies", both semi-legal and clients, both my old friends.

Do you like here? And I thought that you never go to the bath! You, members of the club of unwashed dogs", and suddenly in the bath! Vasya, even when he served with me in Бренко, told me that in the sixties, in St. Petersburg there was indeed such a club, that he himself was in it and that he lived in the house in Эртелевом lane, where there were meetings of this club. The house and the other, nearby, then were broken, and in their place Суворин built up a printing-house "New time".


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From time to time he started to take the reins in his hands, learned to edit, bad лошаденку replaced the defective рысачка, became the real "tongue", chasing Petersburg on the highway from the gates to the race, to the Inn "Crossroads", which was about two hours before the race second-class athletes, and so was he, пылившие in the same шарабанчиках and the tavern discussed the chances of horses, and their driver were sitting on the шарабанах and waiting for their owners.

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Baths and Saunas


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