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Only two of the poet spent several lines Russian baths - and every reflected in them of his era. And the one and the other inspired by the Moscow baths. One was a comprehensive Pushkin. Other - Moscow poet Schumacher.

...In the palaces included Khan MLA,

For him отшельниц lovely Roy,

One takes off the helmet winged,

Other, not further worked than forged LVL,

The sword takes, the dusty shield.

Clothing bliss will replace the

Iron armor battle.

But first the young man the lead

To the great Russian bath.

's wave smoke flow

In her silver vats

And crust cold fountains;

Outspread luxury carpet,

It tired Khan lies,

Transparent pairs over him much.

Потупя bliss full of eyes,

Lovely, полунагие,

Around the Khan of the virgin young

In caring loving and dumb

Crowded резвою the crowd...

Over the knight of different waves

Branches of young birches..

And the heat from them fragrant bursting;

Another juice springtime roses

Tired members прохлаждает

And aromas of потопляет

Темнокудрявые власы...

Elegant verse sings of the "delight knight ravished" charm Russian sandunovsky baths baths, which he attended with his friends in his every visit to Moscow. A poet, a young, strong, strong, "выпарившись on the shelf branches of young birches", went into the bath with ice, and then again on the shelves, where again the "transparent pairs over him much," and then, "in the clothes of bliss" resting in rich "locker room", a Builder of Catherine the great palaces, where the "crust cold fountains" and "the outspread of luxury carpet"...

It took half a century. Born new ideals, new aspirations.


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The ninth hour of the morning небанного day, but полтинное branch of the sandunovsky baths baths with ливрейным the doorman at 6ольшого entry with Звонарского alley was usually quickened my audience, coming for a swim in the infinity pool on the second floor of the Palace.

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