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Liberal poet sixties Item. In. Schumacher from his apartment on the Middle class is at the Yauza in Волконские "folk" baths. He was very fat, suffered from gout. And. With. Turgenev he said: "We are colleagues in literature and gout". Treated P. In. Schumacher from gout, and in General from all diseases bath. Floated his two lovers, constantly поддавая the "heater". He especially liked the Сандуновские, where, выпарившись, rested, and even slept a couple of hours and always with you took a broom. At home, relaxing on the couch, he put the broom under the head. The last years of his life he spent in странноприимном house Sheremetev, on Sukharevskaya square, where he had a room. In it he lived in the winter, and in summer - in Кускове, where Sheremetev gave at his disposal "Dutch house".

Verses Schumacher were published in journals and published separately. Loving the bath, he sang, the only poet, her charm tasty and fruity.

Here are excerpts from his poems about the bath:

Мякнут bones, all жилочки boom

With the body волглого окатышки flee,

And with настреку the back of lights,

I hostess vague speech says.

Not ворошь you me, Tanya,

Растомила me банюшка,

Had softened туги хрящики,

Разморила all the joints.

In the bath broom more than all the boyars,

Put it, сухмяного, in запар,

That he was fragrant and взбучистый,

Лопашистый and уручистый...

And I got to high on the shelves,

In the soft, free, in Magenta fates.

Started a broom I'm sweating,

Silky, хвостистым to be fried.

And here's another of his poems about the same:

Deprived of the sweet dreams,

In impotent rage and anguish

I went in Волковские bath

Steam bones on the shelf.

And what then? Oh joy! On приятство!

I cherished the ideal of:

Liberty, equality and fraternity,-

In Trade baths found.

The poem is, how else in those days and could not be, print not allowed. It walked on his hands and read with the success of the illegal party. I remembered him in Cloth bath-house, in the Swamp, where it was двадцатикопеечное "the noble" branch, a favorite local merchants. Once the fire at the Tatar I went up to his father's house parts with fire, jumped off the Bagrov, and прокопченный smoke, covered in soot, was held in the coming Cloth bath.


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Bath thieves were strong and subtle. Some of the owners, in order to preserve the prestige of their baths, and even entered into a deal with the thieves, paying them compensation monthly, and "bought" the thieves themselves watched the strangers thieves, and if some caught a bad he had to, for mercy from competitors was not: if not killed, maimed for life.

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