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Opened in "простонародное" unit, " Packed in there, though it was eleven o'clock in the morning. But in the "noble" for twenty kopecks was quite spacious. In мыльне a man of thirty. Банщик is the second time soaped my head and pushing выскребал soot from his beard and hair, then they have me were still thick. I was sitting with closed eyes and senses swam in a delirium. In the midst of the noise, the gentle splash of water, шлепанья on naked flesh I hear a loud cry:

'Done!.. Goes!..

And in the same moment банщик, not saying a word, paddled on the wet floor and disappeared. What is it? And ask not to anyone, I don't see anything. Feeling the gang - and do not find it; it turned out that банщик had carried her, and his head and face in a lather. Somehow wipe the eyes and see: confusion! Bathhouse attendants have cast their clients, who lathered his head, who was lying in a lather on the bench. They hurry to pour from the taps gang water and become in two ranks at the door in a hot sweat Lodge, high over his head, raising his gang. I don't understand anything - and the eyes of soap eat. It opens wide the door, and accompanied by two парильщиков with birch brooms in the hands of the important and sedately along powerful bearded figure with parting in the middle of your head, close-cropped in parenthesis. And bathhouse attendants in order, one after the other poured upon him the gang of water with a deft flick, so that no one drops by, saying cheerfully and respectfully:

Good - by, Peter Ионыч! - With a light steam! After a minute банщик домывает my head, and not apologizing even if so and you should have, says: - Peter Ионыч... Губонин... Their house next to the Пятницкою part, and when in Moscow, a day go to us in these hours... on Rublevka each парильщику on a roll" gives.


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Then the name was not used between his, and more nicknames Yes, for the signs. Names were given by nature, in a figure, their habits. And that neither the name of the immediately all the people in it. Ivan really hard, Fedor is always almost crying, the Glasses - red nose. Masha is a long and thin, and Sasha is a small, just a bubble. Receive orders. Are calculated. Appears bottle, glass, sausage with cucumbers are honored and grateful to the fellow countryman Кирсаныча.

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