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During this time he managed to просыхать only for half an hour in the afternoon, when putting on himself to dinner upper garment, and put on опорки to his feet. This парильщик.

He did not receive a master's flavor of eats and no salary. Парильщики lived handouts from мывшихся for their hard work in a couple, heat and sputum. The fee for washing and паренье not supposed to.

How many of your grace will be! it was their common response to the question dredged visitor.

Given in different ways. Парильщики know your audience, how many who gives, and in many ways tried to wash and scrub.

In sandunovskie baths came to wash the owner of the passage millionaire Solodovnikov, which had never asked - how much, and silently put twenty kopecks, from which банщику got only гривенник.

Парильщики not only did not receive a salary, and half of their "tea" money should have to give the landlord or his Deputy - "кусочнику", "хозяйчику".

In addition, the duty of парильщика lay still burned and cleaning of the hot bath and soap.

Кусочник watches, when парильщик receives a "tea", he knows his audience and know what gives. Getting the usual солодовниковский twenty copecks, he asks, from whom received, and says, " From храппаидола...- and in.

Кусочник paid rent master bath, he hired and fired workers, not touching парильщиков: these were at the disposal of the owner.

Кусочники ' lived in families with baths and have separate rooms and pay different lease, according to the baths, from twenty up to one hundred rubles per month. In turn, раздевальщики, also not receiving the salary should be paid to кусочникам" from its tip different salaries, depending on the serviced раздевальщиком sofas, corners, wall, cubicle.

Кусочники had to wash the sheets, pay the salaries of the workers, to feed them and boys, as well as responsible for the purity of the baths and the loss of things have washable in the "noble" baths.

The revolution of 1905 reached "кусочников". Workers then decided to liquidate "кусочников", what they achieved. But two years later, with the strengthening of reaction, "кусочники" again appeared and existed in the whole force of up to 1917.

The scourge of bath-houses, especially the "lower", were stolen clothes, shoes, and sometimes an entire node in washable. Were the Corporation bath thieves, developed its own particular system. They stole the clothes, which is drying in the hot bath. It was done as follows. Thieves "наподдавали" on "Kamenka", so that the steam room was filled with a cloud of hot steam; many could not bear the heat and went to the soap. Taking advantage of their absence, thieves plucked with bars linen and hid it immediately, and in the evening again came to the baths and took hidden. For this he had to pay employees in baths from their limited content.

Was a den of thieves system, which is practiced in the "nobility" of the offices of the baths, where for the loss answered "кусочники".

Washable handed over dress in раздевальню, got a ticket on a string, and sometimes put it on the neck, or tied to a hand, and then just нацеплял on the handle of the gang and go take a bath and steam. A thief, hunted down in раздевальне, managed to replace it shocked her, quickly went out, got the dress and disappeared with him. Washable instead of expensive clothes got dud and опорки.


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Liberal poet sixties Item. In. Schumacher from his apartment on the Middle class is at the Yauza in Волконские "folk" baths. He was very fat, suffered from gout. And. With. Turgenev he said: "We are colleagues in literature and gout". Treated P. In. Schumacher from gout, and in General from all diseases bath. Floated his two lovers, constantly поддавая the "heater". He especially liked the Сандуновские, where, выпарившись, rested, and even slept a couple of hours and always with you took a broom. At home, relaxing on the couch, he put the broom under the head. The last years of his life he spent in странноприимном house Sheremetev, on Sukharevskaya square, where he had a room. In it he lived in the winter, and in summer - in Кускове, where Sheremetev gave at his disposal "Dutch house".

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