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Bath thieves were strong and subtle. Some of the owners, in order to preserve the prestige of their baths, and even entered into a deal with the thieves, paying them compensation monthly, and "bought" the thieves themselves watched the strangers thieves, and if some caught a bad he had to, for mercy from competitors was not: if not killed, maimed for life.

In almost all of the baths in раздевальнях were wooden pillars supporting the ceiling. With the capture of the thief, say, about seven o'clock in the morning, his, полуголого and barefoot, tied to a post closer to the exit. Between the advent of the bath there were people, обкраденные in baths, and they often vented his rage to get a...

In the midnight, before locking baths, beaten thief sometimes sent to the police, which happened rarely, but more often just threw out, in spite of the weather and time of year.

In such a situation since childhood, brought up future bathhouse attendants. The shoots they had considerably less than that of the village boys cast in the teaching of the other occupations.

Running from beatings tailors, shoemakers, hairdressers, carpenters, painters, and particularly served in small хозяйчиков - "грызиков", where they, in addition to the teaching profession, these хозяйчиками, and most importantly their drunken masters and mistresses were used for all sorts of побегушки. They, in опорках and half-naked, sent at any time with buckets on the swimming pool for the water, they got up earlier than everyone else in the apartment, they brought the wood, even in the morning put samovars.

Exhausted wid work and beatings, not seeing the near his comrades by age, did not hear a kind word, they fled to their villages, where sometimes stayed, and if the parents returned to their master, they often fled to Khitrov, caught in a gang of thieves ' peers and through the slums and prisons often кончали penal servitude.

The bathhouse attendants that happened rarely. They worked and lived together with their fellow countrymen and relatives, saw how they worked, and do not depart from them, and some tips for small services gave them the opportunity to have something like that in their own way, have fun. In the holidays with relatives they went to the street festivities in Sokolniki, under the Maiden, the Пресню, and went into the booths, in the circus.

And most importantly, they already напитавшиеся rumors from relatives in the village, remembering almost peer Федьку or Степку, who came to marry from Moscow in the Russian coat and boots with Shoe Yes, even at the chain and the watch, this Muscovite, themselves dreamed to become the same.

Relatives and countrymen, when the time came, gave them credit for the dress and shoes.

Washing them sewed in the village of неизносимого homespun linen and крашенины, excluding holidays shirts, which were bought in Moscow Kumach and cotton. On the market bathhouse attendants bought only опорки, the most necessary shoes, without which банщику do not soon, and still sheathed.

In the work of the only опорки and dud, and festive dress was all in those days fashionable. Highest chic - опойковые boots and high leather Shoe.

Ordered these boots was the event: they cost thirteen roubles. Wearing them for long, and then made to his head, and опорки repair and донашивались in the bath.

Top dress - cloth чуйки, long "сибирки", waistcoats with a collar, and in the winter овчинный toe, covered cloth and with a sheepskin collar. As boots, worn all these years and it was years, first one, then another.


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In these baths перебывала and грибоедовская, and Pushkinskaya Moscow, the one that was in the passenger compartment Zinaida Volkonskaya and the English club. When appeared in print "Trip to Erzrum", where Pushkin so exciting described Tiflis bath, Ламакина wrote from Tiflis to sample банщиков-Tatars, but they have Muscovites, lovers of hot shelves and sweet birch broom, special, did not succeed, and they are no longer subscribed to. But our bathhouse attendants took the Council of Pushkin and started for the lovers of linen bubble for soap and woolen mitten.

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