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The boys, of course, wore rags, but already had prepared myself, laying on грошам some of the native uncle or банщице-aunt "capital" on the Deposit tailor and shoemaker.

In teaching the boys were up to seventeen or eighteen years old. By this time they comprehend the bath everyday life, knew how to deal with visitors, cut their nails and carefully срезывать calluses. After the acquisition of the knowledge of the "educated" the lad asked the master about the translation of it into the "well done" to the job, to go to the village to marry, and the "boy" to marry was uncomfortable, laughed in the village.

Preparing to get married, produced in the "well done" went on Маросейку, where over the gates wore a pair of scissors, and in the yard lived bath tailor Jonah Pavlov.

Is to Pavlov, "well done" with his uncle, a long-time friend.

- Ion Павлыч! Now that it would be necessary to build a тулупишко, чуйку and all the other stuff... marriage of his time!

And build him Jonah Павлыч, that is necessary, for many years, as he built at all банщиков. He only for baths and running, and the bath did not know of another tailor, as his fellow countryman. All construction and renovation was made in the loan, to pay out. Paid to detail, and the calculation was made twice a year, at Easter and Christmas.

It was the same with the shoemaker. There is the "well done" with his uncle in Karetny Ryad to the fellow countryman-the cobbler:

- Peter Кирсаныч off-ka measure, to marry goes!

Remove Peter Кирсаныч measure of the strip of paper, wrote something on it and asks:

- With difficulty?

- Wali with a squeak! - responsible for his uncle.

- Shoe would have, the uncles, the медненькие, - asks "well done".- Forged fashionable!..

- Okay. And what's your name?

- Петрунька.

Scratch that-the shoemaker to the measure of a pencil and said goodbye, shall appoint:

- Two Sundays in the third will bring!

Already three generations банщиков serves Кирсаныч. Especially a lot of it has Pochinok. Now and again resort to its customers: the soles, the selection, the обсоюзить, the head, and банщицам something new boots яловочные on the rubber to dampness, the grandmother-костоправке shoes without heels, and darning, mending all, Only manages to do.

Each order inscription, from which baths and whose shoes. In the summer in the cart, and in the winter in a sleigh-розвальни harnesses Peter Кирсаныч немудрого old gelding, makes with a dozen large bags, sits on them, but for the driver - a decade of granddaughters.

- First of all in Сандуновские, then Chinese, then in Челышевские!

I know, my grandfather, I know, as always! Sunday - baths are closed to the public. In раздевальне going to work: Кирсаныч promised to come. Here he is with a huge bag, in the bag inscription in chalk: Сандуны". The friendly noisy meeting.

Кирсаныч carefully lays out his work and begins to cause:

- Ivan Hard!.. Fedor Gorely!.. Semyon Liqueur-Glass!.. Sasha Bubble!.. Masha Long!..


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Once in the morning hour entered in раздевальню the six-foot Colonel, all in black, with a mustache to the chest, and on its overall bow with all bath-sofa there was a greeting:

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Baths and Saunas


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