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Then the name was not used between his, and more nicknames Yes, for the signs. Names were given by nature, in a figure, their habits. And that neither the name of the immediately all the people in it. Ivan really hard, Fedor is always almost crying, the Glasses - red nose. Masha is a long and thin, and Sasha is a small, just a bubble. Receive orders. Are calculated. Appears bottle, glass, sausage with cucumbers are honored and grateful to the fellow countryman Кирсаныча.

He was already at the "first squad" in Chinese bath... There's the same story. The same calls from signs, but no one is responding to an inscription "Петрунька Некованый". Only when вытряхнулись out of the bag shiny boots with a Shoe, for them the way and rushed small with a shining face, and laughed at his uncle:

- Некованый!

Again stoph, having fun again, seeing off at the Челышевские bath... from There, on a designated route. And late in the evening - home, but it is not one Кирсаныч, and with some Рюмочкиным, both in "the last platoon". Fast asleep on the empty bags.

The arc de гулянкой finished Кирсаныч their working week.

Sandunovskie baths, how and lane were named at the beginning of the last century in honor of the famous actress-singer Сандуновой. So they call them now, so they were called and the Pushkin times.

On the other side of Неглинки, in the Krapivinskoye lane, on a solid waste ground between the two ponds were still Ламакинские bath. They contained Avdotya Ламакина. The place was трущобное, bath dirty, but, in the absence of the best, they were always full of people.

In the possession of the Сандуновой and her husband, also a famous actor Force Сандунова, whose house went to a nearby Звонарный lane, was also a big pond.

Here Сандунова a good bath and passed them to rent Ламакиной, but that, having kept enriching the old baths, spared no money for the environment for the new.

They were the best in Moscow. Name Сандуновой helped success: baths in the Krapivinskoye lane and remained Ламакинскими, and new forever steel Сандуновскими.

In them so and gushed Moscow, especially in the male and female "noble" division, made up with unheard of before in the Moscow comforts: with раздевальной mirror room, with clean sheets on the soft sofas, вышколенной workers, experienced bathhouse attendants and банщицами. Wide wardrobe room became a club, where there is the most diverse society,each found here own circle of acquaintances, and, moreover, a buffet with a variety of drinks, from kvass to the champagne "Моэт" and "AI".


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The ninth hour of the morning небанного day, but полтинное branch of the sandunovsky baths baths with ливрейным the doorman at 6ольшого entry with Звонарского alley was usually quickened my audience, coming for a swim in the infinity pool on the second floor of the Palace.

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