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In these baths перебывала and грибоедовская, and Pushkinskaya Moscow, the one that was in the passenger compartment Zinaida Volkonskaya and the English club. When appeared in print "Trip to Erzrum", where Pushkin so exciting described Tiflis bath, Ламакина wrote from Tiflis to sample банщиков-Tatars, but they have Muscovites, lovers of hot shelves and sweet birch broom, special, did not succeed, and they are no longer subscribed to. But our bathhouse attendants took the Council of Pushkin and started for the lovers of linen bubble for soap and woolen mitten.

Then in baths appeared family office, where the ladies of the high society arrived with lap-dogs and моськами. Maids washed dogs together with барынями...

It started with the sandunovsky baths baths and then moved a little and in some other baths with expensive "noble" and "merchant" offices...

In the "popular" bath led teams of soldiers from the barracks; it took two pennies and issued on one venik to ten people.

Then, in the early eighties, in all baths decided to take a penny for broom, because of what in Устьинских baths even come scandal: the visitors broke the window, and during the fight, the audience went free Nude...

Starting to take a penny for the broom, the owners have made a lot of money, and improvements in the "lower" baths are not brought any.

In General, the owners use all by hook or by crook, to squeeze out of all kopecks and rubles.

In some baths even steal the city's water. So, in Челышевских the baths, to the great astonishment of all, the pond in the yard, always full of water, suddenly dried up, and the bath were left without water. But the next day the water again and everything went on as before.

The secret of the disappearance and appearance of the water in the larger the audience did not come out, and superiors about it do not know, and who knew, that to his advantage to silent.

The case was simple: on Lubyanka square there was a swimming pool, from where they took the water водовозы. The water was coming from Mytishchi water, and as the filling of the basin of the guard locked the taps. But when it was necessary to fill Челышевский pond, the caretaker of the crane pool is not locked, and the water through the pipes were in a bath-pond.


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In the women's baths was his "treatment". The first thing, for the whiteness of the person, making the band the grass-series line, and in the "nobility" of the women washed the face of almond высевками. Then went different ointment, up to the washing of the head of kerosene for рощения hair. Here for washing cared банщицы. Grandmother-костоправки worked only in the "lower" baths. They also took part in the treatment of men.

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