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Almost all of Moscow's bathhouses were built on the banks of the river Moscow, Yauza river and small rivers like chechera and, Titmice, Хапиловки and about running ponds. The baths were built in most cases, wooden, one-storeyed, as in those times, in a primitive water-supply, in the second floor to deliver the water was difficult.

The baths were divided into three departments: wide wardrobe, a soap and hot. When the marginal "lower" bath amenities did not have any. The majority of even the toilets were somewhere in the yard: at all times of the year washable should they be open place and in the rain and in the winter snowstorm. Correct gutters under the floors; there was no soap water from the floor came in special wells in the courts of the special wooden sun pads and from there under the same sun pads walked into the river, only in ten meters below the place of the river, from where it is pumped to wash... Such baths are represented on the engravings in the publication of Rovinsky. This Серебрянические baths, on the Yauza.

Отоплялись bath "каменками" in the hot departments and "голландками" - in раздевальнях. The main beauty bath was considered "Kamenka". In some baths it warm and "hot" and "soap".

Drowned in the old days, only the wood, which rafts on половодью пригонялись from the upper part of Moscow-river, from under the Mozhaisk and Ruzy, and were unloaded under the Дорогомиловым, on the Red meadow. The arrival of the boats was a spring holiday for the Muscovites. Thousands of spectators were strewn across the promenade and Дорогомиловский bridge:

- Rafts come!

The most important bath days were Saturday and all holidays, when in the bath-house was small and the cranes were swirls washable with mild phony gangs, which replaced the heavy oak.

In the "noble" offices was кейф, rest, cutting, shaving, cutting of the corn, the rate of cans and even a jolt of teeth, and the "popular" baths were, we can accurately say, "polyclinic", where the treated all manner of diseases. The doctors were paramedic, barbers, grandmother-костоправки, and парильщики and there and then replaced masseuses back in those days, and when words are not heard.


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We shared vying with each other memories, both passionate one topic of conversation, knew her on every side. Talked randomly, one word caused the other, one details--other, one person knew the one on the one side, the other - on the other. Word for word, detail by detail, painted a vivid picture of, and types.

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Baths and Saunas


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