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In the marginal "lower" baths, the "clinic" was such a picture. Saturday. With five or six in the morning the doors of the baths is not opening. The public floats without a break. In the corner of раздевальной примащивался the Barber, who without any sanitation trimmed and shaved visitors. Sometimes, at spare time, he also studied medicine: let the blood and put banks, leeches, pulling teeth...

Soap bath full of steam; the shop is large, red, hot body, and near the fuss Barber with a box of grubby, which is twelve cans, nozzle and a bottle of kerosene. In the bottle down the wire, on the end of which the plug. Having prepared all the banks, Barber lit the cork, and with the assistance of her was beginning to banks. After two or three minutes of the Bank drew in a centimeter, and more than body.

The barbers were usually keep the ten minutes of the Bank, in order to better tugged, but overlooked the fact in different ways. At this time the Barber went to smoke, and the sacrifice of his art lay quietly, waiting for further torture. Finally patience is not enough, and the victim requested the surrounding call the Barber.

Now добрею, not great master! were shouted in reply.

Finally the Barber came and lit his torch. Under jar - lump of bloody color. "A surgeon takes a dirty and rusty fitting, tightly pressed to the dais, prosekaet skin, again doing the manipulation with the torch again puts the Bank, and after three - five minutes she was full of blood. The Bank is removed, the blood - directly on the floor. Then банщик pours out on the patient's gang of water, and he, tattooed, goes to the раздевальню. After this typically began consultation on "пользительности" cans.

In addition cans, barbers "opened blood". Back in the eighties, on the outskirts of the met sign with the inscription: "Here are trimmed, shaved, put leeches and пущают blood". This sign was usually above the entrance, and on its sides usually adorned with two big long paintings, showing how it is produced.

On one man sits with намыленным his chin, the other holding his finger and thumb his nose, lifting up his head, and he, stooping over him, enters right hand razor, half the soap. On the other side sits a big, краснорожий hero in his shirt with засученным to the shoulder sleeve before him, Barber with a bloody Lancet, then, was the operation is over; from the hand of the Bogatyr high in the air strikes, as from a fountain, the blood, while under the hand is worth a tiny boy, with a towel over his shoulder, and holding a basin, a large bowl half full of blood. This operation done, too, in the "мыльнях", but here the boy with the basin was not, and the blood had lowered directly on the floor. "Opening of the blood" was a favorite operation крючников, lomovikov, мордастых Scorcher, start gorging shopkeepers and gray merchant's site.


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Which one of them paused for a moment on a carpet, leading to "hot", did a flip-some, sent me a greeting washcloth and disappeared after his brother in a hot bath. And here are our. It is important, anyone not paying attention, catfish sailed our invincible teacher of fencing Taras p. Tarasov, with formidable mustache and a broom under his arm. His athletic heavy it would already be covered by a layer of fat, still have expanded the hills of the biceps and sinewy legs... So who sculpt Hercules! But with this Antinous. This is our unrivalled teacher of gymnastics, the famous dancer and a skater, the elder brother of another beautiful gymnast and now the well-known surgeon Peter Ivanovich Postnikova, then almost schoolboy or the student of the first course. He stopped under a cold shower, twisted, went about marble body revived the Greek demigod, playing the delicate muscles, live relief network which shimmered on the broad back under a thin waist.

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